Woody plant nursery (3GY15NAK03B)

Responsible of subject: Prof. Dr. Károly Hrotkó

Credit value: 4

2+2 hours of week

List of lectures and practical classes, requirements in the Fall Semester of 2017-2018. academic year (PDF)

01. Intro- Propagation and nursery (PDF)
02. Prop methods woody plants (PDF)
03. Autovegetative methods of woody plant propagation (PDF)
04. Seed orchard (PDF)
05. Raising grafts in nursery (PDF)
06. Container grown and rootballed products (PDF)
07. Lifting, transport, storage and marketing (PDF)
08. Grafting woody plants (PDF)
09. Biology of rootstock/scion interactions (PDF)
10. Apple rootstocks (PDF)
11. Cherry rootstocks (PDF)