Traditional and innovative methods in ornamental horticulture (3DD02NAK93M)

Responsible of subject: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Andrea Tilly-Mándy
Credit points: 3
Number of lessons: 2+1 hours of week
Course aims: Within the framework of the course students learn the basic knowledge of outdoor and indoor plant application. They get to know the fundamentals of plant association, and with the concept of garden as artificial plant association. They learn about the possibilities of establishment and sustainability of plant arrangements, and the traditional and innovative methods of tree valuation. They get to know the specialities of establishment and plant use in garden types for special application. They will have some information about the climatic capability of indoor surfaces as places for plants, the design principles and the tolerance of foliage pot plants used for indoor decoration.

Course requirements, Spring Semester, 2021/2022. academic year (PDF)


Presentations of lectures:

  • Decoration of specialecological conditions (PDF)
  • Outdoor decoration in special gardens (PDF)
  • Decoration of flowerbeds (PDF)
  • Indoor decoration (PDF)
  • Open-door plants in gardens, hospitals etc. (PDF)
  • The garden as an artificial plant association, basis plant application (PDF)
  • Watersides (PDF)
  • Green roofs, living walls (PDF)