Research activity


Research of Dendrology

  • Breeding
  • Naturalization and variety-assessment
  • Working out production technologies
  • Propagation:
    • Budding trials in nurseries, partly covered areas (maple, oak, pear, linden species and varieties)
    • Hand-grafting in winter and early sprig time on rooted stocks and unrooted cuttings (juniper and Thuja varieties)
    • Developing mother plant plantation for production of green, half-woody and woody cuttings of difficult-to-root ornamental shrub taxa. Working out preconditioning technologies.
      Histological studies connecting to the propagation methods.

Perennial plants

  • Questions of propagating and growing of Hungarian native species
  • Propagation research of difficult-to-propagate ornamental perennials
  • Intensive medium and fertilizing research
  • Propagation and stress-tolerance examination of new perennial species suitable for green roofs
  • Examination of root-activity on green roofs
  • Viral depreciation of bulbous plants
  • Chrysanthemums as bedding ornamental plants
  • Comparative examination of Salvia species grown in Hungary
  • Ecophysiological, genetical and biochemical diversity of biological active material containing native plant species

Production of annuals and other species under protected area

  • Possibilities of growing new, energy-saving taxa
  • Adaptation of new balcony species and varieties in Hungary
  • Up-to-date fertilizing systems in potplant and cutflower cultures
  • Developing of cost-reducing technological varieties

Micropropagation of ornamental plants

  • Micropropagation of native protected species (orchids, bulbs etc. Iris pseudacorus, Leucojum vernum, Galanthus nivalis)
  • Micropropagation technique specialities of perennial ornamentals and pot plants
  • Stress-tolerance examinations in in vitro propagated ornamental plants
  • Acclimatization questions of in vitro propagated ornamentals
  • Micropropagation technique specialities of Sorbus-species
  • Micropropagation of Hungarian bred ornamental species
  • Histological and physiological studies on in vitro propagated ornamentals