Propagation Biology of Plants (3DD02NAK10M)

Responsible of subject: Prof. Dr. Károly Hrotkó
Credit: 3
2+1 hours of week
The course provides general training in key areas of propagation in horticulture. Main topics: seed biology, germination, vegetative propagation, adventitious root formations, rooting of cuttings, modifiled stems etc.

Course requirements, Spring Semester, 2017/2018. academic year (PDF)


  • Propagation Biology of Horticultural Plants (PDF)
  • Seed production systems (PDF)
  • Seed germination (PDF)
  • Management of clonal plant material during vegetative propagation (PDF)
  • Propagation technologies using autovegetative methods (PDF)
  • Environmental conditions and rooting of cuttings (PDF)
  • Grafting in horticulture (PDF)
  • Grafting in practice (PDF)
  • Biology of rootstock/scion interactions (PDF)
  • Rootstock usage. Apple rootstocks (PDF)
  • Cherry rootstocks (PDF)
  • Rootstocks for plum, peach and apricot (PDF)