Preparation for pot plants identification test

For daytime students who studying Cultivation of Greenhouse Ornamentals at degree of BSc in Horticulture and our MSc-students who studying Specialization of Floriculture
For getting the signature of given subject the pot plants identification test is essential. The place where you can prepare for this identification test is the tropical-subtropical greenhouse of the Buda Arboretum. The greenhouse is free to visit for our students from 1st November 2019 (Friday) to identification tests.

Entrance is from the direction of building's inner door. When the greenhouse is closed, please, ask help from reception! Doorman can ask you to identify yourself as relation of SZIU - for example to show your student ID card. To avoid language difficulties I suggest to present the following Hungarian text to him:Angol nyelvű képzésben lévő kertészmérnök BSc/MSc hallgató vagyok, kérem, legyen szíves kinyitni számomra az üvegházat!” (I’m student of BSc/MSc in Horticulture in English language, please open the greenhouse for me.)

Please observe the next rules to keep the whole of technical equipment and plants furthermore saving the order in greenhouse:

  • Do not step off pathway, especially the drip irrigation pipe what running on the ground!
  • Do not cause damage for plants, collecting plants or leaves is forbidden!
  • Do not move the label of plants, we cannot pay regard to replaced label and those misunderstood what coming through from the replaced label!
  • Please download the current plant list from the homepage of our department. The number of potted plants is larger than what you have to know. The missing plants will be replanted to the end of October.
  • To know the extended (with more plants) list is essential for specialized and Master students studying in 4th year.
  • Do not litter! You have to drop your litter in to the trash bin!
  • Do not take chairs in or out of greenhouse! Do not remove the chairs what placed in the foreground of greenhouse! Do not depose chairs to pathway!
  • Do not step in the pool not even it is empty!
  • Do not leave your values unattended!
  • Do not disturb your schoolmates in learning!
  • After darkening or overcast weather you can switch on the light with switchgear called „Napfénypótló világítás” between two wooden doors. The last student in evening must to switch off the light.

We ask you to observe the above-mentioned rules completely! Otherwise we cannot guarantee the free access to the greenhouse.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask our lecturers of Cultivation of Greenhouse Ornamentals subject.