Our dendrologist colleagues receive prestigious awards

Imre Tóth titular associate professor and dr. Magdolna Sütöri-Diószegi assistant professor were both honored at the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Association of Hungarian Arboretum and Botanical Gardens

The Semper Vireo award was given to Dr. Debreczy Zsolt, Tálas László, Tihanyi György and Tóth Imre.

The Pro Hortis award was given to Fráter Erzsébet and Sütöriné dr. Diószegi Magdolna.

These awards were given out the first time at the celebrational general meeting on December 13, 2017 in Vácrátót National Botanical Garden.

Dr. Csaba Mózes, the deputy chief of the Department of Forestry and Hunting in the Ministry of Agriculture; Géza Kósa, the president of MABOSZ; and Vince Zsigmond, the secretary general of the association, handed over the awards.

The Semper Vireo award is the grand prix of the association.

This award is in memory of earl István Ambrózy-Migazzi, who was the founder of the Jeli and Malonyai Arboretums. He is much honoured and acknowledged by the professional community. The name of the award means “evergreen” and it emphasizes the outstanding work of those who receive it. With their endeavour they contribute to the continual abundance of the Hungarian botanical gardens.

The Semper Vireo award can be given to a natural person as an acknowledgement of the long lasting, successful, valuable and exemplary work what the person did for the Hungarian botanical gardens as national treasures.

The award comes with a bronze plaque and a honorary diploma. The bronze plaque was made by the Munkácsy Mihály-awarded sculptor Tamás Asszonyi.

The Pro Hortis award is the professional prize of the association. The Pro Hortis award can be given to a natural person, collective, or to an institute as an acknowledgement of the remarkable and exemplary work for the national botanical gardens. The award comes with a honorary diploma which was made by the Ferenczy Noémi-awarded graphic artist Wanda Szyksznian.